What's On

10-10-10 2015

Fri 27 March 15 — Sat 28 March 15
Intermission Theatre, St Saviour's Church

10 plays, 10 minutes, £10.

An exciting showcase for Actors, writers and directors centred around the theme of TIME.

Bringing London's talented artists together for 2 nights, with 10 play lasting approximately 10 minutes.

The plays will offer the chance for new writers to showcase their voice, directors to showcase their vision, actors to showcase their talents and an audience to enjoy

Play Director Writer
Courtney Larkin
Stevie Basaula
Son Of A Gun
Ed Hartland
Darren Raymond
My Recollection
Kim Southey
Fabian Spencer
Behind Closed Doors
Pippa Douglas
Lauryn Marshall
Last Tango Anywhere
Cecilia Segar
Ed Hartland
30 Minutes Michela Sisti Kim Southey
Life Sentence
Kasia Rozycke
Dandave Roache
Dry Cleaned
Katharina Reinthaller
Craig Blake
Tosin Cole
Jeanette Robinson
My and My Dad
Janette Froud
Joshua Okusanya
Poster for 10-10-10